Been a while since I last posted on here, the world has gone crazy from countries locking down borders to panic buying toilet roll.

Personal opinion of this is its just he flu we’ve all had it, this just so happens to be a nasty variety of it. But its here and its now so let see where we end up

Its times like these where we need to look for guidance and hope the correct decisions are made, I for one cant imagine what its like being a hospital staff member in this current day and age, your pretty much know your going to catch it as your at the front line but after all its what you signed up for.

The beauty of working in IT is that as a geek/nerd whatever I’ve been training all my life to be in isolation, just me and the servers. With the ability to work from virtually anywhere in the work with the right equipment.

The below sums my thoughts on this area, but hey what do i know, I’m no expert

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